Because ferns evolved in the shadows of the giant conifers that dominated the landscape in the time of the dinosaurs, they are generally fond of indirect light. This makes them a wonderful go-to for areas of your garden that are shady – and frustrating to fill since so many plants want sun, sun, and more sun.

Below are our top 3 picks of Ferns



the soft tree fern or man fern, is a speciesof evergreen tree fern native to eastern Australia, ranging from south-east Queensland, coastal New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania.

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commonly known as the Norfolk tree fern or smooth tree fern, is probably the largest tree fern species in the world. It is endemic to Norfolk Island, in the Pacific Ocean near Australia and New Zealand.

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The leatherleaf fern belongs to the (Dryopteridaceae) or wood fern family which is very diverse, with a wide distribution in tropical and sub-tropical regions of both the old and the new world; including South Africa and diverse places like Colombia, The Galapagos Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

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