Perhaps one of the best reasons to plant conifers in the garden is that they require very little care. They rarely need fertilizer, resist most insects and diseases, and only need to be watered during prolonged dry spells. Pruning is optional. You can prune them to limit their height and some conifer tree types can be clipped into fanciful topiary art, but they grow into lovely trees and shrubs with or without the occasional trim.

Below are our top 3 picks of Conifers


Leyland Cypress

often referred to simply as leylandii, is a fast-growing coniferous evergreen treemuch used in horticulture, primarily for hedges and screens. Even on sites of relatively poor culture, plants have been known to grow to heights of 15 meters.

From R169



is A popular evergreen conifer due to its narrow form and aromatic, flecked golden foliage. Can be used as a striking feature tree along driveways and fencelines and works well in large pots.

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‘Moonglow’ A narrow pyramidal evergreen shrub, with soft textured silvery-blue needle-like foliage and attractive blue berries, a great vertical accent for difficult landscape situations, makes a great, tall evergreen hedge.

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