For some reason, Aloes have traditionally been rather overlooked in local gardens. It’s only really in recent years, with the need for a more water-wise approach to gardening, that these delightful indigenous plants have started to rise in popularity.

There really is no mistaking these distinct, contrasting succulents, with their gorgeous foliage, textured leaves and aesthetically pleasing geometric rosettes. Aloes are not just attractive additions to any garden, but their tasty flowers are loved by sunbirds and hummingbirds, so planting Aloes might just be the key to inviting these adorable little guests to take residence in your garden.

Below are our top 3 picks of Aloes



also known as the tree aloe, is a species of succulent plant in the genus Aloidendron. It is native to South Africa northwards to Mozambique. In its native climes this slow-growing tree can reach up to (18 m) high and (0.91 m) in stem diameter. Aloidendron barberae is Africa’s largest aloe-like plant. The tree aloe is often used as an ornamental plant. Its tubular flowers are rose pink (green-tipped); it flowers in winter and in its natural environment is pollinated by sunbirds.

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is popular as it produces distinctive orange blooms throughout the year. For best effect, plant at least three together. It has a high resistance to all aloe diseases.

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A striking, sculptural aloe that flowers year-round, you can’t go wrong with the Tiger’s Eye for a statement! Aloe Tiger’s Eye has a high resistance to most aloe diseases.

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